Wednesday, 6 October 2010

hi-fi storage?

I like the use of the IKEA kitchen cabinets here. We did something similar in one of our previous apartments (as seen here, in the third photo). Maybe we can make some kind of (wall hung) hi-fi storage with IKEA kitchen cabinets?

In the living area, IKEA kitchen cabinets topped with MDF board serve as a contemporary, office-style credenza. "It was so much easier than making built-ins from scratch," Omweg says. "The dimensions were right, and I love the high-gloss finish." She fit these into the nook in the wall, and raised them on metal legs so the unit appears less conspicuous, drawing attention to the art books on top.

Image and italic text source: from the Domino magazine archives at


  1. I've used the Bestå series from IKEA, with glass doors and lights inside the furniture. Works like a treat, and creates a light-space instead of a dark hole.

    Plus; you can use the remotes without keeping the doors open.

  2. I like this a lopt -- great idea.

    And oh, I miss Domino!



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