Sunday, 10 October 2010

the dinner project, week 40

Monday October 4: a stew-ish vegetarian dish made with random stuff from the fridge: chickpeas (soaked, cooked and frozen a couple of weeks ago), mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, creme fraiche and creme fraiche with mushroom flavor

Tuesday October 5: roasted salmon with pesto parsley cream (as mentioned here) served with a mix of lukewarm spinach, tomatoes, snap peas, little gem lettuce and chopped almonds

Wednesday October 6: pre-marinated turkey fillet served with brown rice with chili, green bell pepper, carrot and mango (photo here)

Thursday October 7: Astrid's home alone dinner: leftovers from yesterday

Friday October 8: Chicken Tikka from Santa Maria + fresh diced mango

Saturday October 9: panfried fresh halibut with Santa Maria seafood and fish spices (rose pepper, saffron, dill, fennel and garlic), rösti with finely chopped scampi and a creamy sauce made with scampi broth (photo here)

Sunday October 10: roasted filet mignon of beef, pan fried shiitake mushrooms with black pepper, homemade potato and carrot fries (photo above)


  1. i love this project!
    very interesting!

  2. I love cooking. It´s one of my passions, but I've always wanted to have time to create more elaborate and original dishes.
    I wanted to do it every day. I think right now is impossible. I will prepare this project every weekend. I have more time.
    Today I bought a few cookbooks. I am ready!



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