Wednesday, 20 October 2010

the day of the first snow

As mentioned earlier, I worked at home today. I enjoyed seeing the changing weather outside our livingroom and kitchen windows from dusk till dawn - including the first snow!


  1. already! we're getting our first frost tonight - it's extremely cold here for the time of year :)

  2. We had our first snow here in the north of Scotland last night too. Feeling very snug tonight with candles and red wine.

  3. Love how you capture the atmospheres...and this makes me look forward to our first snow too (which I'm usually not so excited about)

  4. wow! this is cool! i spent a year in bergen two years ago and i really miss the city. one of the most beautiful periods of my life :)

    i'll visite you often ;)

  5. You have snow. I'm jealous.
    It's going to be months and months before we get a sniff of snow.
    Love seeing the day change for you though.

  6. this does get me a little excited for winter... :)



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