Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Chateau de Triac

Chateau de Triac is the home of Braastad Cognac. This is were we stayed during our visit to Cognac. It was fantastic! In fact you can stay there too if you want to. Contact the Braastad family via Braastad.com for more information. At the website you will also find more information about the chateau's history. PS: Cognac is on the house.


  1. i love this collections of shots, astrid. so good.
    and hi to tiny you in the mirror!

  2. Så fine bilder. Og så fine gulvfliser. Jeg vil bo på ett slott. I alle fall for en periode.

  3. What a great place, love the tiles and those red couches !!!

  4. my goodness, I would love to pretend I live here for a weekend. How stunning



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