Wednesday, 1 September 2010

this autumn I plan to

Two weeks ago, whilst at Ombo, it was still absolutely summer. During the last week it has changed; mornings and evenings have that special early autumn chill in the air. I like it, yet I'm not ready to let go of all the lovely summer light. I know it's inevitable... and in my part of the world, autumn officially started today, September 1st. So here is a list to help me easy into the new season:

this autumn I plan to

- bake apple cake with apples from our garden
- watch season 2 of True Blood + Sons of Anarchy + Californication + maybe some 24 (I love TV series on DVD)
- add more movies to the right hand side sidebar
- be sad that there is no third season of Lipstick Jungle, instead I will finally watch the second Sex and the City movie (on dvd)
- continue to walk to the office every day, even on those very wet, grey days
- find a way to deal with my wrist tendinitis (unfortunately I think it means much less time in front of the computer, including working on my photos - I will of course still take photos, but it means quality instead of quantity)
- wear my tartan coat
- get the most out of sunny days by being outside
- try to embrace the lack of light in the shorter days by shooting film with iso 400+
- continue to clear out my old magazines (and maybe announce a magazine give away/pick up)
- maybe pick up a paint brush and add a bit of that yellow to our home
- make stews and soups
- read books
- celebrate my birthday in a foreign country
- work out, because I know it's good for my physical and mental health + I hope it will keep autumn/winter blues far away
- light the fireplace every day
- bring blankets and hot drinks to the garden
- spend a weekend at the mountain cabin

How about you, what are your plans for the autumn? Let us read your lists!

PS: I'm not closing my summer set on Flickr yet, because I still have summer shots to show you. I might slowly open the autumn set though...


  1. My list is to be more effective, plan dinners one week ahead and do all the shopping in once, travel with my hubbie to Vienna and enjoy being just us two for a couple of days, spend more time reading books and spend less money :)

  2. i like your list. i'm going to eat lots of plums, perhaps make jam, lots of crumbles and explore other autumn fruit puddings. i'm going to make more bread and have toast with french honey to remind me of hot summer days and i'm going to wear my wool cape :)
    ooh and also watch the second series of damages. have you seen it? i think you'd like it a lot.

  3. This list is such a great idea. Autumn is my favorite season and I get very excited just thinking about all I can do once the weather gets crisp. For sure I will be taking my first trip to France (leaving next week!). I will learn how to develop my own black and white film. I will ride my bike from my home in Chicago to a country B&B in Wisconsin. I will apple-pick.

    See, I'm getting carried away :)



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