Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Testing! Testing!

Ever since my Olympus mju-II died during Easter, I've been thinking of getting a new analog compact camera. I want to be able to always carry two analog cameras with me; one with color film and one with black & white film.

My first ever camera, the blue Fuji FZ-5 (pictured here) has been laying around in a drawer for a long time, so today I took it out for a test shooting on my walk to the office.

I loaded it with Fuji Sensia 200 slide film and had it cross processed. The guy at the photo lab warned me that the shots are rather green, and I have to agree with him. That's the thing with cross processing; it's very unpredictable! But the most important thing is: the blue camera works! It's not very good on close up shots or in dull light, but as long as I keep my distance and shoot in bright sunlight it works well.

I have uploaded all the shots from today's test shooting to this set on Flickr.

Next test shooting will be with Sølve's party camera bought in Brazil in 1999: Vivitar PS 55s

Btw, it might seem like the Olympus didn't die after all. A girl at the photo lab pressed a button I haven't tried before, and then it started to act normal again. I have loaded it with a new film, so let's see how it goes...


  1. I like the green tint! It might be a little bit much in the first picture, but in the others, it adds a nice old fashioned touch!

  2. I like the way this camera+film presents sky and water! (I really like all the blues actually- they're so vibrant)A vintage postcard feel? I'm glad you were up to some testing! testing! :)

  3. ps. where's that gnome gone? I was looking through those "other posts you might like" on this blog and started missing him!

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