Thursday, 30 September 2010

September 30, 2005-2010

2005: The day we moved from this apartment to the one we live in now. Photos taken by my friend Espen.

2006: Sølve and I hosted dinner for family and friends the night before our youngest niece's baptism. We started with these nibblies; tortillas with cream cheese, rocket and smoked salmon.

2007: I was in Moscow for work.

2008: Caption written on Flickr: After a good day at the office I walked home, made pasta salad (whole gain pasta, roast chicken, salami, red onion, sweet peas, cherry tomatoes and pesto) and hosted the film club's third meet up. We saw La Dolce Vita (chosen by me).

2009: I didn't take any photos on the 30th, so this photo of Sølve's stripes are from the 29th. We love Entourage btw. How about you?

2010: Supper with a view at Hanne's.


  1. I love the last picture, and the dining table story that you built for your new home!

  2. Love this post! Everything from the first two shots of you against all that white wood to the hanging stripes.




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