Thursday, 16 September 2010

pink roses and other things I like

The pink roses in our garden bloom in July. It's so pretty! I wish it lasted so much longer.

Here are some things I like lately
- looking forward to getting my copies of Brooklyn Diary and Sundays Are For Lovers
- Margaret Howell
- Spotify + discovering/rediscovering artists like Feist, Cat Power, Ben Harper, Broken Bells and Susanne Sundfør
- this post by The Wednesday Chef
- productive ideas of how to make the dinner project book
- inventing my own salmon dish (Sølve invents excellent dishes all the time, I rarely do) that I will call baked salmon with pesto and parsley cream
- eating lots of nectarines, especially in salads and smoothies
- a new to me beautiful blog: Folkloric
- this photo by Hanne, this by Alison and this by Monique
- Brämhults raspberry juice
- pink toe nails
- a new cotton button down shirt
- organizing my blog roll in categories
- switching from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome
- Pinterest

I don't like
- the lovely sun from last week is gone
- rain all week...

Film: Fuji pro 160S


  1. I love Spotify too.
    Other discoveries: Rachael Yamagata,Melissa Horn or Missy Higins. love it!

  2. I can smell them from here! :) So pretty! xo

  3. can you come to london next thursday?
    there's a margaret howell sample sale!

  4. beautiful flowers!
    thanks for all these links
    (oh and you remind me to listen to broken bells - thank you spotify!)
    have a nice week end!

  5. Likes and dislikes. Dama har god smak. Og vett!

  6. Beautiful colours!
    And it's so sad summer is over.



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