Sunday, 5 September 2010

London, the end

When it comes to romance movies Notting Hill is one of my all time favorites. So whilst in the Notting Hill neighborhood in London, I just had to stop by that infamous travel bookshop. It's a really lovely shop; I could spend hours there! Unfortunately the Books for Cooks shop on the opposite side of the street was closed.

Well, this is the last of my UK posts for now. You can find them all with the label UK and here is the London set on my Flickr.

Film: Fuji Provia 100F

EDIT: The sewing machines are on display in All Saints shops in London. Thanks Janne for reminding me of the shop's name!


  1. I loved that window display with the sewing machines!
    (even though the clothes in the shop were totally not my style)

  2. I have really enjoy your London sets. We are moving there in the next year, and your pics have made me feel even more that we're doing the right thing! Thanks!

  3. This set of pictures gives me a great feel for the Notting Hill neighborhood, although I've never been there. Thanks!

  4. The Notting Hill area is one of mya favorite areas in London. Fond memories :-)

    Are those the sewing machines at All Saints? I only discovered their shops recently. I'm a fan.



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