Sunday, 26 September 2010

the dinner project, week 38

Monday September 20: a salad with rocket, nectarines, slices of beef and chopped almonds (photo here)

Tuesday September 21: stew made with random vegetables from the fridge (cauliflower, Jerusalem artichoke, carrots, leftover boiled potatoes), leftover mushroom Jerusalem artichoke sauce from Sunday and a frozen white fish I don't remember the name of

Wednesday September 22: fårikål (photo above)

Thursday September 23: Astrid's home alone dinner: leftover boiled potatoes that I fried with a little leftover canned ham + added a pesto-ish sauce made with a fistful of rocket, four cherry tomatoes, a little olive oil, a bit of chopped almonds, salt and pepper (pureed with a hand blender) (photo here)

Friday September 24: dinner out with friends at Red Sun

Saturday September 25: with Sølve's colleagues at our place: first course: salmon sashimi, main course: roasted lamb saddle with rosemary, boiled potatoes, fried mushrooms and mushroom sauce/puree, dessert: chocolate mousse

Sunday September 26: homemade pizza

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