Sunday, 12 September 2010

the dinner project, week 36

Monday September 6: beetroot soup with finely fried Serrano ham (photo above)

Tuesday September 7: hot dogs

Wednesday September 8: a midnight meal when we arrived at Château de Triac in Cognac, France: salmon, shrimps, lettuce, tomato, cheese, wine

Thursday September 9: at Château de Triac in Cognac, France: first course: foie gras with fig jam, second course: grilled meat with potatoes and a green salad, dessert: cheese and cake with fruit

Friday September 10: Astrid's home alone dinner: salmon pasta leftovers made by Sølve while I was in Cognac

Saturday September 11: dinner at our friend's place: roasted entrecote of beef with roasted potato wedges, asparagus, pan fried bell peppers (red, green, yellow), snap peas and shallots, mushroom sauce

Sunday September 12: a day at the Bergen Food Festival resulted in a dinner of lots of excellent local produce: First course: cognac marinated smoked salmon from Svanøy Røykeri with flatbrød from Håjen Lefsebakeri and a dressing made of sour cream, mayonnaise, spring onion and lemon. Wine: Champagne. Second course: lamb roll from Safari/Matlyst with Håjen flatbrød and Dijon mustard. Main course: roasted leg of lamb from Haugen Gardsmat coated in wild garlic from Nøring, served with roasted potato wedges + shallots and carrots baked in chicken stock, butter and parsley. Wine: Baron De Ley. Dessert: Macarons brought home from France.

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