Tuesday, 28 September 2010

another rearrangement

Some of you might remember this; my livingroom library project.

I think this new arrangement is a little bit better than the last. We still haven't bought anything new. We just moved around all the old stuff; trying to make the livingroom a little less crowded with furniture. It feels more spacious now that the high book shelves have been moved out to the hallway and guestroom. I have also started to kind of like the white fake bricks. They add a bit of texture to the wall. But of course I wouldn't mind removing them either. I don't love them.

In case you wonder why there is a blanket on the sofa back; it's because it's already so worn (but I also think it looks nice and decorative). We have only had the sofa (IKEA Kramfors) for about 4,5 years, so I'm disappointed to see how quickly the leather wore down. Some kinds of leather looks better with age, but I don't think this one does. My sofa mission continues. So does the hi-fi storage mission.

Now that we have started to use Spotify (I'm hooked!) I think it might be time to clear the CDs out of the livingroom. I've also been thinking of getting a new much simpler frame for the Peter Lik photograph. And I need to get my Sandra Juto print framed, plus these two photographs.

Part of the hallway library. I tried to take overview photos plus photos of the shelves in the guestroom, but it looked to messy so I won't show you ;-)

By the way, there was no use for the orange sofa in the guestroom (as mentioned here). I like it much better next to the dining table, underneath the white cupboards - as seen here. When we have guests and need more seats by the fireplace, we easily move the orange sofa. PS: Before.


  1. You have a beautiful space--I actually love the before photo, too, both arrangements are nice. Looks like you have lots of natural light, that is the very best.

  2. Så koselig du har det, de gamle stolene er perfekte;-) Wilhelmine

  3. I kind of like the white brick wall too...and the new, less crowded look...

    Wow, 4,5 years is not old for a leather sofa. It should look worn...

    Sofa hunt? What about bolia? Do you like their sofas?

  4. yah for lonely planet guides !

  5. good points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

    - Murk



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