Tuesday, 3 August 2010

summer roadtripping

My roadtrip cameraphone snapshots continues.

During our two weeks of summer vacation we drove ca 2500 km. That is the same distance as from Bergen to somewhere between Milan and Rome, Italy. Btw, I love using Google Maps to plan our trips. Below I have added links to maps that show every distance we drove. If you are a map nerd like me, you can check it out.

We started with a trip to Mandal (map) to visit friends at their cabin. Then we drove to Ombo (map) to some other friends at their cabin. It has been a while since I have been in this part of southwestern Norway, so it was a nice reminder of how beautiful it is there.

After Ombo we stopped by Sandnes (map) on our way to the mountain cabin (map). Goats and especially sheep are not an uncommon sight along mountain roads in Norway.

After a week in the mountains we stayed one night in Sandnes at my in laws' before we headed to Oslo (map) - where we stayed at Hotel Bristol. The building in the photo above is the Opera House (by Norwegian architects Snøhetta) in Oslo. I was there for the first time last summer. It is a beautiful building!

While Sølve spent a day in Oslo working, I drove to Arvika, Sweden (map) to get a little something done with our Saab (again). I picked up Sølve in Oslo before we drove to Hvaler (map) to visit friends at their cabin. It was a beautiful sunny day. The next day it poured down.

After Hvaler we stopped by our friends in Rygge on our way to Skien (map) to visit family on my mother's side. The photo above was taken on the ferry between Moss and Horten. I remember this Bastøfergen well from when I was little; we lived in Rygge and visited my grandpartens in Skien.

Finally we drove home to Bergen (map) via the beautiful Haukelifjell (the Haukeli mountain). The last time we were at Haukelifjell was for this skiing trip in March 2009. Sølve made our roadtrip meals; whole grain bread with pesto, spiced ham, Jarlsberg cheese and cherry tomatoes. Yum! Btw, the waterfall above was close to Odda and the fjord in the second last photo is Kvinnheradsfjorden.

I shot a little film too during our vacation. I'll show you when I have had them developed. In the meantime I have lots of other film shots to show you from the last couple of months; more roadtrips, more London and more outdoors.

PS: I love roadtrips!

Edit: Frau Haselmayer asked for a map with the complete route - here it is.


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip! I love planning our trips with Google Maps, too. Do you have a map with the complete route?

  2. what a trip!! i also enjoyed roadtrips but the only real long one i have ever done was when i once drove from madrid to paris in a day !! it took me 12 hours to arrive! crazy!!!


  3. Hehe, thank you. I guess this makes me a map nerd, too, right?

    I love especially the last picture. that's totally how we do it, too, when we are on a raodtrip! And I looooove it!

  4. I have no idea why but that last photo cracks me up. I can honestly say I've never attempted to spread anything on bread in a car... but it looks almost fun!

  5. wow, just looked at your map - you really did go miles!



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