Thursday, 26 August 2010

Longleat forest, part I

The reason for my trip to London and the UK in the middle of June was my friend Theresa's hen do. She is getting married to my friend (and one of our talented wedding photographers) Espen on Saturday! Theresa's lovely maid of honour Adele organized a fabulous hen do in Center Parcs Longleat Forest, close to Warminster in south west UK.

We don't really have anything like Centre Parcs in Norway. We have what we call allemannsretten, literally all men's right (Wikipedia on freedom to roam). In general people do stuff outdoors on their own, not so much in an organized setting like Centre Parcs. So, I was curious to see what Centre Parcs Longleat Forest had to offer. One obvious thing was trees. Who knew giant redwood trees (top photo) could be so beautiful?! And light. Oh the light! (Yeah, I'm a nature loving nerd.)

Film: Fuji Velvia 50



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