Monday, 16 August 2010

island weekend, 2010 edition

One summer weekend, a five hours roadtrip + two ferry rides, a Ryfylke island, a cabin with a view, 12 grown ups, two 10 months old boys, a dog, sun, sea, swim, pancakes with bacon for breakfast, fishing, picking blueberries for homemade blueberry liqueur, darts games, reading books in the grass, daydreaming in hammocks, bbq, Cuba Libres, pastel colored sunsets, campfire, guitar, singing, stars... Heavenly bliss!

2009 edition | Ombo

Btw, this is my 1000th post since the humble start on June 11, 2007. Thank you all so much for visiting hei Astrid. This blogging journey would not have been the same without you.


  1. 1000 posts!!! congratulations!
    your weekend looks perfect.

  2. Now THAT is good living.

    Thanks for sharing the magic :)

  3. Høyres ut som ei fantastisk helg! Eg har jobba vakter innandørs...Nokon må jo det òg:-)

  4. Oh my. Beautiful!!
    And now i crave pancakes. But not with bacon, but fresh strawberries :)

  5. Oh, Astrid, the first picture is so adorable!

  6. Mesmerizing pictures, as always. Happy blog-anniversary Astrid, please keep up the pace! Your pictures and stories are a daily highlight of mine, and has been for the last couple of years - so much that Allison and I often dream to (and secretively plan to) move to Norway.. :)

    Thank you!



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