Thursday, 12 August 2010

IKEA catalogue launch, part IV

After all the catalogue talk, I had a look around Linda's home and snapped a few shots. Here are some beautiful browns in her mainly white livingroom. The chair is a Norwegian classic - Falcon (1971) by Sigurd Resell for Vatne Lenestolfabrikk.

Linda's ceramic vases fascinates me. They would never fit in my home, but in Linda's home they are absolutely perfect.

The white base makes the vases stand out, and look how they match the other browns and the kitchen floor.

The lamp is a new product in the IKEA 365+ Brasa lamp series. I like the simple design of it. I also have a soft spot for modern cuckoo clocks like this - and this and this.

Vases galore in glass front cabinets.

This is the end of my report from the launch of the 2011 IKEA catalogue in Bergen. Here are some photos and words about the launch in Oslo.


  1. Synes det er så kult at Ikea har lansering i private hjem! Og er veldig glad for at du bringer flotte foto fra et av åstedene:-D

    Ønsker deg en fin dag, Astrid!


  2. i love the 2 photos in portrait orientation side-by-side, astrid - brilliant combo.

  3. that first photo is so awesome. great set!

    xo Alison

  4. astrid, i've loved your ikea posts, they're beautiful!



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