Wednesday, 11 August 2010

IKEA catalogue launch, part II

The local IKEA manager Odd Rune Bjørge welcomed us all to Linda's house and told us about the slogan for the 2011 (Norwegian) catalogue...

...which is "more of the meaningful things". (In the US IKEA says "horray for the everyday".) I love that group of different sized candle holders. They are new IKEA products; Åryd by Swedish designer Ebba Strandmark.

IKEA Åsane's design expert, Siw Haveland (also blogger of Design Shimmer), told us about trends and new IKEA products, plus how to make room for everyday life. Today more people live in smaller homes, which make smart, functional storage solutions more important than ever. IKEA helps us with these solutions, which in turn will help us find more room for the meaningful things in life - for example spending time with family and friends instead of searching all over for the stereo remote control (keep it in a pocket on the sofa armrest).

Siw's tip 1: Store board games in the new Kivik series footstool.

Siw's tip 2: Store LP records in suitable boxes.

To be continued.

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