Friday, 27 August 2010

Hardangervidda hiking, 2010 edition

One week ago we went hiking at Hardangervidda with my parents, just like we did last year. This time we parked one car at Tinnhølen and one at Halne Fjellstova. Friday started with a boat trip across Halnefjorden and a 3 hours hike to Rauhelleren, where we also stayed last year. It's one of my favorite cabins at Hardangervidda. After a perfect Saturday morning breakfast with homemade bread and homemade rhubarb jam, we started the 7 hours (ca 24 km) hike to Sandhaug. It was a really beautiful hike, although our feet were a bit sore when we arrived at Sandhaug - but it was nothing a warm shower and a cold beer couldn't fix. Sunday we hiked the 3,5 hours to our Saab at Tinnhølen. The very smart mr and mrs Mykletun had left their car key in mum and dad's Audi, so dad had to get a lift with strangers to Halne to get the Audi and the Saab key, and then come back to us. Our clever plan with one car in either end of the hike kind of failed... Other than that, it was an absolutely fantastic hike! PS: I saw a tiny mouse swim. Have you ever seen that?

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  1. i love the sound of all of this, astrid. the breakfast, those bunks and a swimming mouse! now i really, really want to see one of those :)

  2. wow. i want to be there now. it looks so silent and beautiful.

  3. sounds and looks so good.

    that landscape is so beautiful - almost like i imagine patagonia to be (not that i've been...).

    that thing with the car keys could so have happened to my family too! :)

  4. That sounds positively magical! I've never taken such a grand hike, but it is on my to-do list! I really love the photo you took from your dinner plate looking out the window!

  5. A tiny mouse swim?? No, I haven't seen that but I'd give an awful lot to do so!
    Lovely photos. The scenery looks very similar to the north of Scotland.

  6. your wording and the pictures are magical. i felt like i was reading a story that i didn't want to end. i have only seen a mouse swim in a cartoon! would love to see an actual mouse swim:)

  7. that looks like such a beautiful place to hike, i love these pictures and am craving an adventure like this!! love your blog;)



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