Wednesday, 4 August 2010


We dined al fresco tonight. Before that I climbed a mountain and almost died. It actually got a little dramatic up there; a fly flew into my nose, tickled my inner nostrils and came out my mouth. Eww! Other than that the hike was beautiful, sunny and exhausting. (Note to self: exercise more!) My sister indirectly made me do it. She likes to make the most of beautiful days by being outside as much as she can, for example by working out - jogging or hiking. So, today I did that, and it felt great (especially when I got home ;-)

How about you? Do you make a point of being outside a lot?


  1. Sounds like a slightly traumatic hike. Ugh. Flies. But, it seems like you ate dinner in a relaxing spot!

  2. I had heard of people having things fly up their nose and then out the mouth, but this is the first time it's been confirmed that it's possible.



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