Monday, 9 August 2010

August 9, 2004-2010

2004: We spent the afternoon by the sea with our friends.

2005: What was in my bag that day. I think that piece of paper had something to do with our new apartment (the one we live in now).

2006: A bbq dinner at Sølve's brother's place.

2007: Lunch time with our friends in Milna at the island of Hvar, Croatia.

2008: We got married! (Photo by Espen)

2009: We hiked with our Canadian visitors.

2010: Celebrating our two years anniversary with our wedding red wine, beef, potato wedges with fresh rosemary from the garden and homemade aioli.


  1. OMG you got married two years ago! time goes so fast...
    Did you like Hvar, Croatia? I visited the island two years ago, it was a corner of paradise :)

  2. Alltid like kjekt å lese disse innleggene med bilder fra år tilbake! Kjempfine. og fint bilde av dere på bryllupsdagen:-)

  3. Congratulations, Astrid and Sølve!

    I love these kinds of over-the-years posts.

  4. jeg digget det bryllupsbildet av dere!
    og jeg liker virkelig disse tilbakeblikkene. august den 9. er en bra dag, vil jeg si:)

  5. happy, happy anniversary!

  6. what an adorable post!!
    I have recently started a film project!! you can participate too if you want to :)

    have a lovely week!!!


  7. Happy HAPPY anniversary, Astrid!! I love that you have photos from six years. Many happy years to come, too!

  8. Herlighet, ja, 2 år siden? Gratulerer med bryllupsdag. :)

  9. What a lovely photos. I want to congratulate you for a very wonderful wedding. What I really love in all the photos that you share is the picture of sausages and pork chops that is being grilled.



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