Thursday, 5 August 2010

at the office

I came back to the office after the summer vacation on Monday this week. It still feels like summer here; there are not so many people around as there normally is, and my head is not yet really into proper work mode. On the other hand it kind of feels like autumn is very, very slowly coming - in a good way. I'm filled with anticipation for what the next months will bring.

Things I like today
- Matilde's blog and photos (she's the one who got my chair)
- launch of the IKEA 2011 catalogue on Tuesday next week at Linda of Norsk Stil's place
- Brian's Paris photos
- t.h.murphy's Flickr photostream
- Danish photographer Ditte Isager's blog (via Emmas designblogg) (A while back Jen of Simply Photo did an interview with Ditte, read it here.)
- photographer Bonnie Tsang's blog
- this photo by Lucie
- this post by Famapa
- Charlotte's ever inspiring Flickr photostream
- Aromatic Thai Chicken and Lemongrass Soup for lunch in the sun down at the dock with a couple of the artists + a surprise drink of apple juice with fresh ginger
- photographer Mikkel Vang's portfolio, especially his work for Donna Hay and Gourmet (RIP) magazines
- crisp bread with tzatziki cream cheese and thin slices of pink lady apple for afternoon snack
- my new to me fancy office desk that can move up and down

These two shots were taken in my colleague's office and by my desk in early June. Film: Fuji Pro 160S

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