Wednesday, 14 July 2010

train travels

The last time I traveled by train was in the UK; between London and Warminster in June. The last time I traveled by train in Norway, was between Bergen and Oslo in May. These shots were taken on that journey - at Finse. Today I'm traveling from Oslo to Arvika in Sweden. The sun is blinding me and summer green landscapes are passing by the train window. I love traveling by train!

Film: Kodak Portra 160vc

Btw, this time last year, Sølve and I checked in to this Provence paradise, as part of our honeymoon.


  1. absolutely my favourite way to travel.
    i love these shots, a.

  2. Hei! Du har fått store bilder på bloggen, så fint! Gleder meg til å lese litt bakover i postene, har vært offline en stund.

  3. Hei Astrid. I just spent some lovely moments seeing your blurb books. So inspiring and beautiful. "my everyday life" was my favorite.




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