Wednesday, 14 July 2010

roadtrip: Bergen - Oslo

Tomorrow I'm going on my longest ever solo roadtrip (ca 650 km), so I thought it would be fitting to show you some photos taken with my cameraphone on our last roadtrip in the end of June.

Somewhere close to Gudvangen and Flåm. The mountains here are pretty cool.

It rained when we drove over Hemsedalfjellet. We had dinner inside the car. The sun came out a few km after.

Hemsedal is really nice. My sister Mari has skied a lot here.

How about a little forrest on your roof?

Sunset along Krøderen. So nice. In 1990 I was on my first ever girl scout camp in this area.

I'll show you more photos from our roadtrip back home to Bergen later today.

So, tell me, do you enjoy roadtrips?


  1. wow...the sky was wonderful. I love blue sky, but stormy sky is beautiful too.

  2. Have a good trip ! It means beautiful pictures for us.
    Yes, i used to love road trip, a little less now... (but it depends where... !-))))

  3. Ha! That will be pretty long trip.
    Have nice moments and safety travel.

  4. Jeg absolut elsker bilturer, men det blir liksom aldri til at jeg reiser på dem. Neste sommer ønsker jeg virkelig en ferie i Norge med bil og telt, evt. campingvogn :) Det er så mye vakker natur i landet vårt :)

    Flotte bilder!



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