Saturday, 17 July 2010

roadtrip: Arvika - Bergen

My longest ever solo roadtrip started at 8:30 am in Arvika, Sweden on Thursday July 15.

After ca 35 min I stopped in Charlottenberg to tank. That is when I learnt the difference between E85 and 95... Luckily Ole at Engelbrekts Motor helped me get rid of some of that E85. Then I bought some Swedish magazines and Champagne at Systembolaget and left Charlottenberg at 1130am.

I passed a lot of logs on my way to Elverum.

Arvika was really sunny and warm. The weather changed as I drove further into Norway.

I passed a lot of pines...

...and enjoyed my roadtrip snack.

Between Hamar and Dokka it rained a lot.

After Filefjell the sun came out. There were quite a few campervans on the road.

Those blue lights in Lærdalstunnelen are amazing.

This photo and an exchange of MMS photos lead to a very random dinner date with Øystein and his lady at Fretheim hotel in Flåm.

Close to Voss I passed some cows crossing the river. Finally, after about 670 km, I arrived in Bergen at 11:30 pm.

Friday afternoon Sølve and I got in the car for another roadtrip. This time to Mandal, on the southern coast of Norway. We are going to do a whole lot of driving the next couple of weeks. Our summer vacation has started!

PS: Here is a map of my roadtrip.


  1. Haha, den fotograferende sjåfør! ;D God tur videre! Flink du er!

  2. I like your roadtrip snack.



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