Sunday, 11 July 2010

everyday life: look down version

I love having a camera on my mobile phone (even though it's not a very good one). It comes in very handy for my look down shots. I have a few to share from the last couple of months.

May 14: Taken the day after this. One little dandelion escaped my weeding. I enjoyed some time in the mid May sun with Nigel Slater's wonderful The Kitchen Diaries

May 19: Hanne and I found a dandelion wreath on our afternoon walk.

June 1: I wore sandals for the first time this season. It felt good. It was also the first day that my sister Mari and I walked together to work.

June 4: Found on my way home from the office.

June 5: A camera gathering on our garden table.


  1. this is such a nice idea!!!

  2. I really love your look down version!! ; )

  3. Hi! Been loving for your blog for two years now.
    I have a question, what camera is that black one, the digital?

  4. Hei Eloisa. I'm glad to hear you like it here.
    That digital camera is my sister's Canon G10.



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