Friday, 16 July 2010

everyday life: look down version, part V

July 1: I think the plant in my office needs more water. Or light. Or both.

Left: July 1: The Hagen sisters hiked up mount Ulriken in the sun.
Right: July 4: The Mykletun family found the perfect lunch spot by the river in the Flåm valley.

July 6: I found a banana on my way to the office.

July 11: Tussi is my aunt and uncle's dog. I love her.

More look down:
Famapa: looking down at my feet
Mary: Madrids
Diana: Look down
Flickr group: standing there


  1. Purple and green! What a beautiful combination. I think you have just made a trend statement!

  2. Oh, I like this series! That pup is too cute.

  3. love this. your blog is darling, happy to find it! hope you stop by and say hello. x


  4. I am so honoured that you chose to put a link to my set here on your website, Astrid.
    Thank you!



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