Wednesday, 16 June 2010

everyday life

Braids like this make me think of a lovely French girl who served us at a lovely restaurant in the lovely village of Cassis in Provence last summer.

Our Saturday dinner guests gave us peonies from this place. They are so, so pretty!

We pulled all the daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs out of the soil and let them dry in the sun. Hopefully they will give us joy and happiness next spring too.

An old olive oil container is my livingroom garbage can when I'm sick and need to use Kleenex every other minute. Luckily it has been put away for now.

My sister Mari brought her polaroid camera to Bergen. As you can see I have not taken many polaroids in my life, but I can easily admit that it is truly magical.

One week ago, at 11 pm, this is what I saw out our kitchen window.


  1. I like braids, but I can`t plait my hair... Did you make it by yourself?
    (It was a pleasure to me to see again your pictures from Cassis:)

  2. I really enjoy everyday life photos!! thanks 4 sharing

  3. Oh, peonies are the best! They look amazing!

  4. Love the braid! What a lovely glimpse into your everyday.

  5. lovely post! Simple things are the best! :)



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