Monday, 17 May 2010

Lucie shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Lucie?

When I started shooting pictures seriously, I used a digital camera which seemed the best way to convey feelings to me. However, when I actually went through other photo galleries (there or here for instance), I realized that I was much more moved by film photos. I think they hold a very particular light and softness, bringing an additional dimension to the image. I also like the spontaneous and uncertain nature introduced by film. One of my favourites is the superposition of two photos which may lead to unbelievable images. I started shooting with small cameras (a Lomo LC-A and a Yashica T4), but I can’t wait to try others.

You can see more of Lucie's film shots here.


  1. Happy May 17th to you! We could not go to the celebrations here in London because we had to work but tonight we are celebrating with hot dogs!

  2. So so nice!! again thanks for sharing

  3. i'm so glad lucie started to shoot film. her photos are so wonderful.



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