Monday, 31 May 2010

Lisa shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Lisa?

I started shooting film not too long ago. I had already been collecting old manual lenses that I used on my digital camera for a while and I thought that it wouldn't hurt to try film. It wasn't a big effort taking the step; all I had to do was finding a decent analogue camera body that could mount those lenses. Getting the first rolls back I was pretty much blown away by the tones and the feeling of depth. I think there's a special atmosphere that you can't find in digital. I'm really not a film purist. I still do digital for fun, for trying out new ideas and for reference in those cases I don't trust the light meter on the analogue camera. But when it comes to special occasions, like Christmas, meeting friends and vacation trips then film is my first choice.

You can see more of Lisa's film photos in this set on Flickr and on her film blog analogt.

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