Monday, 3 May 2010

Jodi shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Jodi?

I shoot film because it's magic. The moment I get a roll back from being developed is so good. Sometimes, I can hardly wait to get home before I look through the prints or the contact sheet. Little surprises and happy accidents await. And the first time that I printed a contact sheet and made my own enlargements in the dark room was seriously magic. (Well, maybe it's more chemistry than anything else, but it was definitely amazing.) Those things get me excited about shooting film. Plus, I like how shooting film makes me slow down and take my time. I have to really want to take a shot before I press the shutter button. And the resulting images are always so special. Film just has that certain something. Digital is great for practicing, learning techniques and catching things quickly, but film just makes my heart happy.

You can see more of Jodi's films shots in these sets on Flickr; Canon AE-1, Holga and Polaroid.



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