Sunday, 23 May 2010

the dinner project, week 20

Monday May 17: constitution day bbq Sølve's brother's garden

Tuesday May 18: bbq skewers with chicken filet, scampi, aubergine, onion and red bell pepper + salad with little gem lettuce, red rhubarb, avocado, cocktail tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette

Wednesday May 19: leftover bbq skewers mixed with couscous

Thursday May 20: pan fried cod filets with mushroom risotto

Friday May 21: bbq dinner in the garden with Sølve's colleagues: scampi, salmon and baked potatoes, entrecote, marinated mushrooms and bread with garlic butter, Italian ice cream.

Saturday May 22: a pimped frozen pizza

Sunday May 23: first grilled spare ribs, then grilled salmon

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