Tuesday, 27 April 2010

my Aud Lavik clutch

After the catwalk show down at the dock at USF on Thursday last week, the artists welcomed us all in their studios. My first stop was Aud Lavik's leather workshop where she makes beautiful bags and purses. I fell in love with this clutch purse the first time I was there, and on Thursday I bought it. I'm very happy with it!

Btw, Aud gets her leather from Borge Garveri, the tannery I wrote about I while ago.

EDIT April 27, 2:45 pm: I just read in the local newspaper that Borge garveri unfortunately is bankrupt. Sad!


  1. Veldig fin! Kan jeg spørre hva den kostet? (Finner den ikke på nettsiden hennes).

  2. Utrolig nydelig clutch! Helt min smak!

  3. Takk! Slit'an, som dere sier i Bergen :-)

  4. Ja, ikke sant? Det er helt min smak også, så jeg MÅTTE jo bare kjøpe den ;-)

    Hehe, takk Janne. Jeg er rogalending selv, men etter 11 år i Bergen skjønner jeg greien ;-)



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