Friday, 30 April 2010

making glass with Beda

I mentioned yesterday that I made my own glass in Beda's studio. Here is how we did it:

First you get as much glass "dough" from the oven that you need for what you are making.

If you want colored glass, you roll the glass in these powders. I chose blue for my glass and my friend Jannicke chose white.

In the photo to the left, the glass is put in a mould to make this kind of pattern in the surface. In the right photo I'm breathing air into my glass. (Both photos are by Jannicke.)

Jannicke wanted some silver and peach colored leaves on her glass.

Jannicke in action.

We designed our glasses and breathed air into them, while Beda did all the hard work. She told us it's all about technique and experience. Here she is making the bottom of Jannicke's glass even.

- and here she is opening up the glass, so that it can actually be used for drinks.

Here is Jannicke's finished glass.

- and here is Sølve's new whiskey glass.

You can also make your own glass in Beda's studio. Call her at 480 06 262 and make an appointment.

Beda is one of the artists down at the dock at USF.


  1. Dette ser fantastisk morsomt ut! Så heldige dere er som fikk prøve dette. God helg!

  2. Lovely.
    Here in Gibraltar, there is a little glass "factory", very similar to those from Murano and Burano (Italy); there are only three glass-makers, one of them works as a designer too (it's a dying trade, artists like Beda can keep this amazing art alive).

  3. Vilket inspirerande inlägg, Din blogg är bara en kraftkälla!!


  4. The glasses look lovely. And how cool to make your own glass!



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