Monday, 26 April 2010

Jana shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Jana?

I think the thing I like most about shooting film is the time factor. Everyone is always so busy, and everything passes so quickly. Shooting film is completely opposite to that, it includes so many little rituals and it requires you to take your time: to choose your subject, to focus, to find the perfect exposure, to change a roll of film. It's slow, it calms me down, it makes me stop and think.

And then there's the waiting. I forget about most of the shots until I get my film developed and look at the photos. I love to sit down with them, to be surprised by the way every little captured moment turned out.

I also really like how the images of one roll of film somehow belong together, are inseparable. You always get the whole pack and can't just erase some of them. You actually can't erase film at all, that's why somehow it feels more real to me, more tangible. Oh, and i also love its smell.

Shooting film for me is about the texture, too, The colours, the grain, the format... There are so many different cameras and films you can experiment with, it's never really the same. You always learn something new and you never get bored. And that just makes me happy.

You can see more of Jana's film shots in this set on Flickr.

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