Wednesday, 28 April 2010

everyday life

Did you know that these kind of tulips with petals that are feathered, curled, twisted or waved are called parrot tulips? I kind of like them, but I think I like the "normal" ones better.

Imported strawberries are not the same as sweet, sunkissed Norwegian strawberries, but still I enjoyed this little feeling of summer on my plate - with a little sugar on top.

I love honey!

My afternoon snack before spinning and Sex and the City on DVD.

New to me. An old bowl from Egersund Fayancefabrik. I already have a few other bowls with the same pattern. My grandmother used to have them too.


  1. Love the stawberries ! Nice colors between the red and the blue ;o)

  2. Longing for Norwegian sun kissed strawberries too. And your bowl is simply beautiful. Norwegian nostalgia.



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