Saturday, 10 April 2010

everyday life

Hei! How are you?

Saturday morning he slept in.

The pelargonium has hibernated in our guest room. Soon it's time to put it out in the garden.

Tea time at the office. I have no idea why, but normal black tea makes me nauseous. I like fruit and herb teas though.

The discard piles are growing. I hope someone will come by and take them all.

Close to my office, someone has decorated an Easter tree.

Dirty dishes can be pretty, but I'm very happy that we have a dishwasher.


  1. Oh, I'd take take all that magazines right away. Too bad that Bergen is so far away!

    I have two of the Momiji mugs as bought ours at the gift shop in the Montreal Botanical Garden. The are my favorite mugs :)

  2. The Easter tree looks great !

  3. The bed looks very comfortable and I think the stacks of magazines are awesome.

  4. Jeg skulle gjerne tatt bladene dine, men er redd min kjære hadde klikket i vinkel. Jeg har nemlig ca like stor samling selv.

    Påsketre er så fint! Skal gjøre det selv neste år når jeg ikke er høygravid. Hihi!

    Ha en deilig helg!

  5. I love your everyday life photos!
    I love sleeping late on Saturdays too:)

  6. Astrid!! I love everyday photos and love when people share!!!! those dishes are cute



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