Sunday, 25 April 2010

easter in black & white

I think I'm starting to like shooting with black and white film. At least I'm quite happy with these shots taken during Easter at the mountain cabin. I like the atmosphere in the shots - both with bright sunlight and snowy weather. The top photo was the last one I took before my old trusted Olympus mju-II (bought in Madrid, Spain in 2000 on recommendation from our friend J in the photo above) decided to die.

Film: Rollei Retro 100

more Easter photos here | more photos from the mountain cabin here

Btw, I'm not done with Easter yet, I'm still waiting for a last slide film to get back from the lab.


  1. These photos are lovely, especially the top one. I have recently started to get into B&w photography too.....and I have been developing the rolls of film in my bathroom. Have you tried caffenol developing? I have just done my first roll, it turned out really well, take a look here if your interested

  2. Ahhhh these are a great set of images, looks like you had fun

  3. I love the combination of the blurry ski photo followed by the very crisp and clear photo of the stacked wood. Perfect combo.

  4. Black and white make pictures special



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