Sunday, 25 April 2010

the dinner project, week 16

Monday April 19: homemade meatballs and rice

Tuesday April 20: Knorr Forest Mushroom soup (bland and boring) with mini baguettes

Wednesday April 21: Sølve's pasta bolognese

Thursday April 22: nibblies (including our homemade meatballs) and drinks at the office before the dock catwalk show

Friday April 23: Astrid's home alone dinner: bolognese leftovers

Saturday April 24: Astrid's home alone dinner: salad (store bought rocket mix, a few leftover strawberries, red bell pepper, cantaloupe melon, canned ham and cilantro) in whole grain pita bread (photo above)

Sunday April 25: homemade lasagne (made by my brother-in-law)

Design note: the bowl is from Swedish Höganäs Keramik

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