Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the dinner project, week 12

Monday March 23: at my grandparent's place: Astrid's fry up with potato leftovers, store bought roasted chicken, tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, and store bought fresh ravioli filled with cheese

Tuesday March 24: Sølve's bolognese with store bought fresh whole grain tagliatelle

Wednesday March 25: bolognese leftovers

Thursday March 26: Astrid's pantry pasta: penne with shredded chicken, red bell pepper, snow peas, onion, a little bit of butter and a parmesanish cheese I don't remember the name of.

Friday March 27: salmon sashimi

Saturday March 28: at my parents' place: leg of lamb + root vegetables

Sunday March 29: at the mountain cabin: my father-in-law's "mountain beef" with juniper berries, fried mushrooms and potatoes with tarragon

I forgot to photograph any of the meals this week, so the photo above is an extravagant breakfast we had during Easter at the mountain cabin. It's dinner leftovers on a sandwich; mustard, thin slices of grilled filet mignon of beef, onion soaked in red wine sauce, asparagus and cheese.

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