Saturday, 24 April 2010

2009: autumn & winter

I have told you before that I have made Blurb books of all my everyday life photos from 2009. Since I have already shown you the first two, I thought I would show you the third one too. You can find some photos of the book in this set on Flickr.

Below are two shots of all the Blurb books I have made so far. In the bottom photo are all the private books. Almost all of them were gifts, and one book even made the receiver spontaneously cry of joy. I have told you before and I'm telling you again; Blurb books make fantastic gifts!

Here is my Blurb book store, and here are photos of my Blurb books on Flickr.

Now show me your Blurb/photo books!


  1. you inspired me to try a blurb book instead of my traditional photo album:

    travel: caribbean cruise 2010

  2. I'm just working on my book, I'm hoping to finish it be this autumn.
    Yours are so inspiring Astrid.
    Øyeblikk is my favourite, and I also love Light.

  3. I have always wanted to make one of those! gotta give it a go! the results look spectacular



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