Wednesday, 3 March 2010

xpro home, part V

This photo inspired me to get the Keep Calm poster back in 2007. I got it from here - where you can also read the poster's history. It feels less unique now that every interior blogger in the world has it, even in pastell colors. But I still like it, in its original red. Sølve likes it too.

xpro home, part IV | xpro on Wikipedia


  1. You've got such great light ... (sight ...) And beautiful pictures that make me feel like shooting film again !

  2. I refused to get one for years as it was all around on the internet, on blogs, on flickr and I felt no need own it...but this year I finally gave in and ordered it, too. The original one in red, of course ;-)

  3. I love the colors of these photos.
    Your place looks so zen.
    I like every details: the little pot for the flowers, the photo frame behind the pencil cup...

  4. Thank you very much for writing about the original poster and a link to its history. I cannot believe how little the original one costs as I have seen it in pastel shades at a ridulous price and thought - that costs far too much!



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