Monday, 15 March 2010

the weekend

Friday morning before I walked to the office, I enjoyed the lovely light on the tulips Sølve gave me.

Two of my office friends and I had a Friday afternoon treat in the café at Verftet. I had a Danish.

Sølve and I drove to Åsly and lounged in front of the big fireplace with good wine and seafood.

After a greasy breakfast Saturday morning, we headed to the slopes. It was a beautiful sunny day.

We were just a little bit bummed that our friends secretly got married last Friday and didn’t involve us in any way, so we took matters into our own hands. When the newlyweds invited us over for dinner Saturday night, we dressed to the nines; Sølve wore his wedding tuxedo and I wore a golden dress, golden heels and all my diamonds. Our friends got pretty surprised when they opened their front door sand saw us all dressed up and Sølve popping the Champagne.

Sunday morning was very sunny. Later it snowed. Still it feels a little bit like spring is on its way.

I got up before Sølve and served him coffee in bed.

Our Sunday project was preparations for my (very) belated 30th birthday celebration next weekend; making meatballs for the finger food feast. I put the bowl in the sink to get a better working position.

Sølve made me a big Pimm's. At that time I was luckily unaware that it would take me four hours to fry the meatballs.

I made a small mountain of (ca 600) meatballs. We both agree that they are the best meatballs we have ever tasted! I wish I got easily share the recipe, but I can't. Sølve just put a little bit (or a lot) of everything that tastes good into the meatball "dough" - and voila! the best meatballs ever!

It was a great weekend. I hope your's was great too.


  1. gorgeous photos! I almost bought tulips yesterday but resisted, now really regretting it! Yours are beautiful. xox

  2. oh, astrid. this is all so, so good!!! happy belated birthday, too.
    and, that mountain of meatballs is a little absurd-but it makes me happy!
    good stuff.

  3. I think I'll have to buy myself some tulips like that...! - the wonderful spring feeling they give, and the fact that I've been stupid enough to move away from my mum who always use to have some.
    independent, yesyes ;)

  4. You definitely had a most excellent weekend. I like the looks of those meatballs.

  5. love your photos! and that is a whole lot of meatballs! wow! :)

  6. astrid, you and your hubby are pretty much the cutest thing ever! i love that picture of you two headed out, all dressed up. :)

  7. By "mountain of meatballs" you sure did mean a mountain! And now I'm hungry... :)

  8. For en aldeles fantastisk helg. Og for et fjell med kjøttboller!

  9. :))) But the meatballs...
    Such a hostess you are, Astrid!
    This posting makes me so joyous.

  10. For en fantastisk helg! Nydelige tulipaner, kaffe på senga, champagne og stas + mange mange deilige kjøttboller...kan det bli bedre? :-)

  11. Du inspirerar! -som livsnytar og fotograf!

    Regn og låg skodda i Hardanger.

    God helg til deg.

  12. Vad fint att överraska sina vänner sådär. Kul att få se hela helgen radas upp i bilder också :)



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