Monday, 8 March 2010

unexpected art

I had an unexpected art experience today.

I was in an underground parking garage to get our car. The garage is called Klostergarasjen, which means the monastery garage. I was surprised to hear music playing down there in the dark, humid, exhaust gas smelly space. As I got closer I heard that the music was a church choir, which is very fitting when you think of the name of the garage. But I didn’t see any people. What I did see was a screen with singing heads. The sign next to it said:

Bård Ask
Notri Viri Placet, 2005

Musikk: Jan Erik Mikalsen

It made me smile.


  1. I love those unexpected art moments, it drags you away from the ordinary for a moment..

  2. Unexpected moments like that are pearls that make you stop a second, breath and enjoy.



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