Friday, 12 March 2010


Oppo O50L easy chair makes me smile. The round shapes are so happy and inviting. It was designed by Swedish Stefan Borselius in 2009 for Swedish Blå Station. Oppo is eco labelled with the Swan + it's available in a concrete version for outdoor use.

Oppo is a swivel easy-chair that inhabites a room even when no one is there. The soft shape invites you to communicate without words. Oppo comes in a small and a large version, with or without armrests. Oppo thrives almost everywhere; airports, waiting areas, hotels, lounges, libraries and many other locations.

After years of experimenting with the thin seat shells in laminated Formfelt, in 2009 Stefan Borselius gave shape to a new piece of furniture that seems totally skinless. An “alien” called Oppo. Oppo is slang and means friend or “buddy”.

Btw, Oppo reminds me a bit of La Mama chair designed in 1969 by Gaetano Pesce for Italian B&B Italia.

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  1. så herlige! en krydsning av mummi og barbaradukkene.

    Ha en god helg Astrid!



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