Thursday, 25 March 2010

Norwegian Rain

As you might know, Bergen is a very rainy city. As you also might know, there is not a lot of stylish rain protection gear out there - except Norwegian Rain. Unfortunately these beautiful rain coats are only designed for men, hopefully they will be available for women too.

Growing up in this small, creative city in the western part of Norway combined with a sojourn in Milan, sparked and shaped the 28 year old founder Alexander Helle's decision to finally become dry and comfortable. Due to the concept of dugnad, a thriving collaboration between local creatives (incl bespoke tailor/co-designer; T Michael and graphic design studio; Grandpeople) and soaked citizens of Bergen, Norwegian Rain has evolved, drop by drop. The result is a subtle composition of traditional men’s tailoring, recycled fibers and technology found in extreme rain protection.

Vogue Italy’s March edition feature a special dedicated to a selection of 8 international fashion designers, presented as talented newcomers in 2010. Norwegian Rain is among those 8!


  1. loving the coat - i wouldnt mind wearing a men coat (if the cut fits me well ;)



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