Saturday, 27 March 2010


While I spend the next one and a half week at the the mountain cabin for our Easter vacation, I was hoping you would like to participate in my little giveaway. Please leave a comment and tell me why you like to visit this blog, and you get a chance to win my newest Blurb book, Light.

The book is 40 pages square format soft cover with premium paper. You can see the preview of the whole book here.

The winner will be picked on Tuesday April 6 when I'm back online.

Btw, this is my kind of cabin life.

So long folks!


  1. i would definitely like to participate! i like to visit your blog for inspiration. i love your shots, but i also like how you include other people's work in your blog in your "i like this" sections and also your "... shoots film". it's really an inspiring place, i hope you don't stop what you're doing. :)

  2. Hi! At first, I liked your blog simply because my name is Astrid, too, and I don't meet many other Astrids! But I keep coming back because your posts are so inspiring, and your photos so well-taken. Your new book looks like a greta example of both! :)

  3. i just like seeing your photography! :)


  4. I am from Barcelona, I am completely a mediterranean girl. Your bog transmits to me another conception of light, photography and design. It is like travelling without leaving my home.

  5. God påske!
    Jeg liker(og besøker) bloggen din fordi du gir meg inspirasjon og er veldig flink til å ta bilder. Jeg liker fotograferings-stilen din og innblikket i hverdagen.

  6. Hi Astrid,
    I visit for various reasons: lovely photos, variation in the daily blogging (sometimes text, sometimes just photos), food tips and also the tips about products etc. That said, I visit for the content as a whole, I just like it. Just enough text for my taste. And also, am quite envious that you already have the first flowers coming to bloom, we still have snow.

  7. oh, astrid, i would LOVE to win your book. the reason why is the same why i like to visit your blog: i like your special way to look at things and the way you document them by taking pictures. and i simply love scandinavia and i'm happy every time i can look at a beautiful picture from there! have a great weekend :)

  8. Hi, I became follower of your blog few days ago because I love your photos, the energy and much more... I am looking forward of getting to know you and your blog better in the future...

    Congrats on your lovely book, I would be very happy to win this giveaway! :)

    Have fun!

  9. I'm always looking for inspiration and new ideas. I love your photos.

  10. I would love to win! a book from Norway would make my day. :)

  11. Astrid,

    You are a serious influence and form of inspiration! Your compositions and control of things like laughter and light in your photography is something else. I visit your blog every other day, and when I am not on your blog, I follow up with your flickr. You cover everything beautiful in your photography. Your home, travel and kitchen entries are my favourite. And from your blog, I'm networked with other amazing photographers. Brian W. Ferry is another photographer that you've unknowingly introduced me to! Even if I don't win your book, I just want to let you know that your photography brings something to everyone that views it. There is depth, warmth and a sense of familiarity in every shot. We've never met and we live very different lives, but I hear my own friends laugh or I see my own dishes in your photos. You bring a sense of home.
    Please don't stop doing what you do.

    Thank You and Best Wishes!

  12. I forgot how I got your blog... but I remembered I added your blog as my favorite as soon as I read it. ;) I love your photos, life style, tastes, ideas. Also it's quite interesting for me to know a girl who comes from a totally different country. Hei Astrid, thanks for your posts every day!! ; )

  13. I would LOVE to win your blurb book! I think the reason I love your blog is because we have very similar tastes. I'm passionate about photography, addicted to interior decoration blogs, and not to mention I am very much into Blurb at the moment! I've only made one book so far but I went to a Blurb expo last week and saw other people's books and it's just so inspiring! The cover of yours looks wonderful =)

  14. Hi Astrid,

    I'm in NY. I like reading your blog because I enjoy learning about your side of the world.

    Your photos have a unique look and you have interesting posts.

    Your giveaway book looks like a beautiful treasure. If I win, I will cherish it! (And brag about it to my friends.)

    Have a wonderful time in the mountains. Happy Easter!

  15. I was a follower originally because of the photos but now I really love the fact that it's a real blog and not just pretty pictures. There is a story behind everything and that's what's great.

  16. When I first found your blog I read it and loved it because it reminded me of the life my friend Trude Kristin lives and gave me a gimpse into life in Bergen, where she also lives!
    But your stunning photography, your wonderful finds, and stories like the ones of the cabin (i've stayed at TK's cabin just outside geilo, so I can imagine the life) keep me coming back. xo

  17. because I like your flickr photos and it's nice to read a little more about someone's life so far from California. You've made me want to visit Norway, even though I think it might be chilly (being so far north) compared to what I'm used to!

  18. Hello Astrid. Oh ... Many reasons. I give you three of them. First, because your beautiful pictures always lift my mood and make me feel happy. Second, because you're the only person on earth I know (ok ...besides my first husband ...) who knows about L'hostellerie de Crillon le brave, and that's a sign. And third, because I really like the way you journal your life with Solve and the fact that you seem to be such a happy couple. I'd be glad to win the book ;o)

  19. I think you found me on flickr, and then I found your blog.

    I love looking at other peoples work, amd I'm fascinated by that we might just have passed eachother on Hellestø-beach at some point in our lives.

  20. Det beste ved bloggen din er historien bak bildene du tar. Du trenger ikke å kommentere bildene fordi de forteller så mye i seg selv.
    Mine favoritter er nok Everyday lifebildene.
    Hyttekos, deilige middagsselskaper og spasertur til jobben din.

    Jeg er også ofte innom Flickeren din. Inspirasjon, stemning og ren og skjær dagdrømming for min del.

  21. Oh I love all the comments that have come before mine. I like your blog because it's like your diary! And you live an inspired life that inspires all of us who visit to be happier, healthier and generally more full of joy. Now who can argue with that?! :-)
    (Now why I visit your flickr stream is a whole other paragraph)

  22. i like to visit your blog because it's inspiring, sweet and full of good links and great photos :)

    hope you're enjoying your time in the cabin!

  23. Jeg liker å besøke bloggen din fordi den utgjør en fin miks av hverdagsbilder, jobb og spennende designtips :) Lysboka ser fantastisk ut!

  24. This is a lovely blog! I love design and just little aesthetic trinkets in life, and this blog is wonderfully packed with simple beauty.
    And I love that you created your own book! I've always wanted to create my own book with Blurb, but never got around to it.
    Have a great vacation!

  25. Wow, great give-away. I love your blog because you have beautiful photos of everyday moments, which is my favorite kind of documentation :) and I love when you feature some modern design information. But honestly it is your everyday food images, house images and some of the food diaries that are my favorite :)

  26. have a good getaway, astrid!
    and i could sum it up with two words:
    white table.
    or just one:

  27. I would love to win! I do love how I get to find out about other people who love photography because of your shoots film section. Love your pictures and your design pics. I also found out about Unhappy Hipsters, and thanks to finding that, spent hours chuckling to myself!:)

  28. I read blogs simply to look into someone else's world and its fascinating. Your blog in particular strikes a simplicity that has endeared me to your photos and the way of life in another corner of the world.

  29. your book looks so great!
    I like to visit your blog because you live in Sweden, your pics are nice and you seems to be a happy girl! and I like to visit your flick'r gallery too.

  30. Jeg elsker å besøke bloggen din først og fremst fordi den gir meg noe helt spesielt, en god følelse.

    Det er postene fra ditt eget hjem og liv som er din absolutte styrke, og jeg blir alltid inspirert av det du fremhever i livet ditt: mat, venner, skriving, foto, interiør, osv.

    I tillegg har jeg blitt veldig glad i deg gjennom bloggen, fordi du tør by på deg selv. Og så synes jeg det er bedårende vakkert å se kjærligheten du og Sølve har for hverandre!

    Ha det kjempefint på hyttetur!

  31. gosh this is lovely! I'd love to win it!

  32. liebe astrid,
    i stumbled across your blog by incident something like a year ago and i can truly admit that i am addicted :-) i love your pictures and stories and links and little fun sections such as the dinner project. it is all so inspiring and simply beautiful!
    and: it was you who inspired me for my first photo book ever! so, i would love to see more of your books, especially of this one here :-)
    viele grüße from hamburg in germany,

  33. ooh! A give away!

    I think I first stumbled accross your blog looking for blogs depicting scandinavian design, continued reading it because of all the fantastic pictures... I'm only an occasional photographer but I love taking photographs, including with film. Then I also realised that your blog shows Bergen, where one of my friends moved last autumn. I visited Bergen in January, really enjoyed it, and so I keep on coming for all these things and the views of a city I really enjoyed and hope to visit again.

    Oh... did I mention on top of these shared interests, that I enjoy cooking (and eating)?

    Hope you're having a great break!

  34. I like to visit your blog because I get so much inspiration by reading it! (like everyone else seem to get too:)) I don't only love your photos but also all the post of things you like. Lately I have liked so much your posts of Swedish and Scandinavian design etc.(for example the code basket, norwegian rain..)

  35. I live in Madrid but I'm in love with any Nordic thing. I like reading your blog and feeling like I was there. I also like food, travel, decoration... So you write about everything I like!

    I'd love to have your book! Fingers crossed!


  36. I like the photos you post.

  37. i lovelovelove your pics!!! have such a great time on your vacation!
    xx jill

  38. I am so glad i have found your blog, via flickr.
    Beautiful book and hope i win this giveaway :)

  39. For the inspiration and the gorgeous photos of coarse. Would love to win. Please. May I.

  40. Because of the LIGHT, Astrid!
    The light, that brightens my day, when I read your blog.
    I love everyday life. The little things, that make us happy.
    I learn every day how to discover more and more of the beauty in the world around me. You are one of my inspiration, Astrid and Hei, Astrid is a great manual to me.
    In other words, I read your blog because of:
    ~ the little things, that make us happy and you catch them like no other;
    ~ the “monstrous” passion of you and Solve for good life (in particular the culinary feasts), that sometimes makes me to think about anything but the food;
    ~ the very interesting people, I’ve found here;
    ~ more pictures, telling the stories;
    ~ the useful and interesting information about how live the people in Norway;
    ~ inspiration and tips for traveling adventures;
    ~ reading your blog helps me to improve my English. (I hope I didn’t write some great nonsense)
    That’s why, Astrid, I’d like to tell you: thank you.
    (And Astrid..... Give me the book! Give it to me! Eh?)

  41. Så spennende-jeg er gjerne med!Jeg liker bloggen din fordi du tar bilder med den gode følelsen av hverdagsliv,litt sånn ujålete ♥
    god påskeferie!
    -Påskeklem fra Lisa ♥

  42. wow !
    Because it's very pretty here and it is important to see pretty things everyday !

  43. I have only just found your blog and have really loved reading and looking through it. I really enjoy the way you see things, really see them.

  44. Hei from Finland! :)
    I just adore your pictures and like to get to know more about Norwegian culture.

  45. Hi! I can't remember how I first found your blog, but I like it especially because of your daily life blog posts, you make every day life look a little bit special. Also, your photos are lovely, all that light!

  46. Hi Astrid,

    Thanks for your wonderful posts, full of light, and colour. You inspire us all :). I like photography and I'm Also from another corner of the world (Lisbon, Portugal), so you show me yours. Loved your post about portuguese tile. I think I´m going to send you some pictures of it.


  47. Megan Dieudonné4 April 2010 at 04:36

    Your blog is the best out of all the other blogs in blog world.

    I wake to it every morning and read and read and look and look; Your photos are as fresh as the morning i wake up too. I can't get enough. look forward to some more wonderfulness! kudos Astrid. :)

  48. Please inclue me in the giveaway. I would love to win. Happy Easter!

  49. I enjoy your blog because I love photography, design, and interiors, and so your images are wonderful inspiration. Or, on crappy days, a window to Someplace Else! If I had your book, I could go there all the time.

    Hope that your Easter break was lovely!

  50. Besides the great photos full of beautiful light - the atmosphere in your blog (and in your work) is so natural and easy-going :)

  51. I like your blog because you turn your everyday life into art here.

  52. I love the photography and your eye for the beauty of everyday life! I would love to have your book on my coffeetable!

  53. It's my first time on your blog and I love it. Thanks for the pics and the chance to win.


  54. I like to visit your blog because it makes me happy. I love the way you seem to cherish life and take pleasure in the little things, and documenting these mundane moments and making something extraordinary and beautiful of them. Your photos of everyday life are ever inspiring; I especially like to look at photos from your lovely and cosy home and that amazing light of yours!
    Hope you've had a great Easter vacation!

  55. I love this blog because it's beautiful and inspirational! I'm a new reader, but I'll be sticking around for awhile! =) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  56. Hei og vel overstått påske! Ser ut som en fantastisk fin bok! Jeg er innom bloggen din på grunn av bildene du tar (elsker bilder av hverdagen) og for all inspirasjonen man får av å lese bloggen din. I tillegg ble jeg introdusert til Blurb her, noe jeg er meget glad for!

  57. Visit often but still consider myself new to your blog. But I love your garden, your table, and your movies!

  58. Hei Astrid!
    Jeg er innom daglig for en god dose inspirasjon, og ikke minst for de vakre bildene du selv tar. Små hverdagsøyeblikk fanget på film er det beste som finnes. Og du er flink til å fange disse. De utgjør jo summen av et liv, men ofte skynder vi oss bare forbi. Å besøke din blogg får meg til å senke farten og få et skarpere blikk:)

  59. *hei du! selvfølgelig vil jeg være med på giwe - awayen din!! hvorfor har jeg blitt så glad i bloggen din? fordi den er så personlig! nydelige bilder, små glimt fra en hverdag med kjærlighet, venner, mat, interiør og estetikk! herlig, herlig, herlig* klem vigdis

  60. Is later but do not mind at all. In many ways, your photography helps connect immediately with an inner part of my soul. It's hard to explain.
    Maybe it's your day to day so that makes it to me. Your life.
    I imagine on a cold winter day in your home. Light, their breakfast in their beautiful white table. Its delicious meals. Enjoying a glass of wine while reading one of your magazines and listen the sounds of the violin.
    I just imagine it.
    and I smile..
    That's what I like. The spontaneity of your everyday life captured in photography..



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