Sunday, 7 March 2010

the dinner project, week 9

Monday March 1: homemade pizza leftovers from Sunday + Astrid's pantry pasta (I take whatever is in the pantry and fridge and make a pasta dish of it): spaghetti, canned ham, canned mushrooms, onion and pesto

Tuesday March 2: for Astrid: pantry pasta leftovers + for Sølve: pork chops and roast potatoes

Wednesday March 3: roast potatoes leftovers, pork chops (for Sølve) and karbonader (for Astrid)

Thursday March 4: Astrid's home alone dinner: store bought fish gratin

Friday March 5: wiener hot dog in lompe

Saturday March 6: first course: salmon sashimi, main course: thai inspired soup with salmon and scampi (photo above)

Sunday March 7: soup leftovers from Saturday


  1. The soup looks yummy. do you have a recipe?

  2. Good to see someone else loves the "whatever is in the pantry" dishes! They're the best on some nights!

  3. Silvia - Sølve just made it up, so there is no real recipe. Sorry.

  4. The Saturday soup looks delicious!



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