Sunday, 14 March 2010

the dinner project, week 10

Monday March 8: pan fried pre-spiced sirloin of pork (a Kiwi Go' helg product) with roast potatoes, a pimped Toro rosé pepper sauce and a salad (photo above)

Tuesday March 9: pita bread filled with taco spiced minced meat, roasted chicken, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper, corn, red onion and shredded cheese

Wednesday March 10: leftovers from Tuesday

Thuesday March 11: Astrid's pantry pasta: store bought fresh tortellini filled with ham and cheese, shredded chicken (leftovers from Tuesday), canned ham (leftovers from a weekend lunch), tomatoes, red onion, a little bit of shredded cheese and butter, fresh ground pepper

Friday March 12: salmon sashimi + fresh shrimps with white bread and mayonnaise

Saturday March 13: dinner at our friends' place: first course: lobster in cognac orange sauce with asparagus (old photo here), main course: roasted entrecote with roasted potatoes, vegetables and sauce, dessert: cheese and cured ham

Sunday March 14: homemade burgers with roasted potatoes and tomatoes (photo here)


  1. I want the Pork Sirloin please. NOW! Thanks :-) It looks sooooo good.

  2. oh, the sauce looks delicious.

    Last night I prepared a cream of pumpkin and carrot:



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