Tuesday, 16 February 2010

that gnome

- and that grain!

I finally got the Ilford Delta 3200 film back from the lab. I'm quite happy with the result. Iso 3200 makes some interesting and very grainy images. I'm getting more fond of shooting black & white. Take a look here for my previous thoughts about it. Now that I have shot my second b&w film, I still agree with my first conclusion; people look great in b&w. I have already loaded one of my cameras with another b&w film; a rollei retro 100 in the Olympus mju-II.

I have photographed this motif before - here and here.

black & white


  1. I LOVE rollei retro. Excited to see. :)

  2. Interested to see what that film will turn out like. I sure like that gnome, actually I love him!! I have a gnome in my garden (he is featured on my flickr today) but I like yours better as he is a more 'authentic' gnome :)



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