Wednesday, 3 February 2010


- was my thought when I first saw Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen's Singles series the first time (via Elle Interior). So, so good! They remind me of this photo by Tim Walker.

This is what Rune says about his work (via

I can’t tell in a few words about my work. Years have gone into planning each shoot. And remember, nothing is manipulated; it is like I saw it when I pushed the shutter-release. Bringing along this objects into nature gives at the same time a scent of reality. This way of working with installations in nature, is a way of letting our environment take an impact on the art and the imagery. Many times it even changed the finished results so significantly that it was inverted. In the moment of creating this pictures I am influenced by the planning, the surroundings, the objects and the current time it is made in.

From January 30th until March 7th Rune has a solo exhibition at Hå gamle prestegard (the old vicarage at Hå), which is close to my hometown Sandnes. Check this set on Flickr for my photos from Hå.


  1. Kjempefine. Og gøy at bildene ikke er manipulerte. Å finne en sånn installasjon i et landskap må være magisk. Det vil jeg oppleve.

  2. Lovely, just like a little bush with lamps

  3. this is quite special

  4. excellent post astrid.
    wish i could be in norway to see this exhibition..

  5. du har sett telefonbildene? de er også fantastiske.. det må ligge så utrolig mye jobb i hvert eneste fotografi. hørte han snakke på pecha kucha i fjor, fascinerende fyr.

  6. Takk for tips vedrørende utstilling på Hå. Jeg bor også i nærheten. :)

  7. I love these images! it reminds me of the beautiful forest that lights up in Avatar the film.



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